Hello guys, I’m Lana.

I’m just a little Vietnamese university girl. My school is Foreign Trade University, branch HCMC (FTU2). I major in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.


A hardcore LDR (Lana Del Rey) fan. A professional music listener. An art appreciator. Minimalist & Expressionist.


I read in some books, saying that one of the best ways to release your stress, live happier & keep moving forward is writing a blog, which I’m practising. This blog is my little corner of haven, where I’ll post random posts on the following topics:

  • Playlist of the week: 10 songs I enjoy over the week (and maybe you should try them out, too)
  • Snippets of events: my opinions on the festivals, events, seminars, fairs,etc. I attended. Cover organisation (HR), PR, marketing, etc.
  • MarFlickers: some random knowledge, materials, etc. on Marketing or other marketing-related fields (like 2D Design, for example!) I collected.
  • Jobs: just a corner for me to write down some experience I have from the part-time jobs I took. Maybe how to apply, interviews, etc. I’ll write in Vietnamese in this section.
  • Dreams: A corner for me to reflect on my ideal dreams & future. Whatever. This section has locks.
  • Study: Besides Economics & Financing, I’m also studying Japanese, Chinese & Spanish. I’ll just simply post some goals to keep me on tracks.
  • Snippit: Just some shits I thouhgt in the week. Usually being stored in my secret FB account. But well…

Happy reading!